Candidate Pete Vitrelli Runs for San Diego Mayor

July 14, 2008
Chloe Frazier

As another election year for mayor rolls around the candidates start to get their campaigns to residents of San Diego. Libertine Paul Vitrelli puts his name in the hat for San Diego mayor Monday at a press conference at USCD. He plans on running with strong belief for a smaller government, smaller taxes, and better education policies.

Since Pete has a believes in making the government smaller, he plans on making more public business private. Over the years San Diego’s car history has polluted the air. Pete wants to help the environment, not destroy it. “If private owned public transportation's can build better than the government then they should be able too,” said Pete. Walking, taking the bus or riding a bike is a lot easier than being stuck in traffic and ending up late for something important. “It will help if you live closer to where you work,” said Pete. “It’s not the government’s job to support it.”

San Diego currently has the highest dropout rates and Pete believes more kids should go to private school, charter schools, or be homeschooled. Pete is the father of twins, he plans on homeschooling his children. “I want to teach them how the founding fathers started out and their philosophy.”

Becoming a smaller government, and helping to stop the dropout rates, lowering taxes helps voting residents lean more towards his campaign. If elected he will lower the taxes for business and hotels to help make San Diego a more business and tourist city. “I want to help people become more successful citizens of San Diego,” said Pete. According to Vitrelli, privatizing business and creating a smaller government will allow tax payers to keep more of their hard earned money.

After being in city council for five years, and district attorney for four, Pete is not ready to slow down. While working on his campaign, he also spends time with his wife, Sandra, one year-old twins, and his cat. Running for mayor is just the first step, the next big one is actually winning and doing the job right.

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