California Lottery Rewards Santee Couple

July 13, 2007
Duceani Dávila

Jodi & Jon Smythe won $8.7 million in the California Super Lotto on Thursday.
On Wednesday morning Santee resident Jon Smythe decided to go to the local 7-Eleven off Highway 52. “I just went to go buy myself some cherry pie and soda,” explained Mr. Smythe. “With the dollar I had left, I decided to buy the lottery ticket”

The couple watched while the winning numbers were announced during a commercial break of the TV show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” Mrs. Smythe was unaware that her husband had purchased the ticket, and at first objected that he had used the money she was saving to buy a Snickers Bar.

“Bet you’re glad I took your money for my ticket!” Mr. Smith said.

The winning numbers were 3-4-33-43-44-45. Mr. Smith did not pick them randomly. He chose 3 because that’s how old his mother left him and 4 because that was the age his father left to prison. The third number was chosen because that was the number of beers he had consumed that week. The number 43 was the number of beers he would drink if his ticket was the winner. Forty-Four was the number of jobs he had in the past and lastly 45 was just random.
The Smythe family has already planned what they want to do with the $8.75 million dollars. “I want to get my momma a lot of TV’s” explained Mr. Smythe, “A TV in every room in the trailer,” added Mrs. Smythe.

They also have other plans on how they want to invest their money. “ I want to invest in Mangosteen!” exclaimed Mrs. Smythe. Mr. Smythe said he was interested in opening several Laundromats that could help them with their economic situation. The couple intends to make a generous contribution to the Red Cross as a token of gratitude for previous assistance. “It was a blessing from the Lord,” sighed Mrs. Smythe.

With all this money on the Smythe’s hands, opportunities seem to be greater and friendships will be plenty. “We can buy our friends now” joked Mrs. Smythe.

Along with the surprise of being the winners of the lottery draw this week, there was another unexpected surprise. Jon and Jodi Smythe expressed shock during the press conference because they were unaware of a tax deduction. The couple is going to have to pay $3.75 million dollars in taxes. The Smythe’s expressed their disappointment having $5 million dollars left after the deduction. Still the Smythe couple is happy about their winnings, especially Mrs. Smith. “I can’t wait to go buy our new double wide trailer!”

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