Brittany Armellino

Fun Facts:

Nickname: Brit

Hometown: Orange, CA

School: Foothill High School

Favorite Things: Cornbread, Steak, The A-List, Rilo Kiley, Purple [the color]

About Brittany:

Hi, I’m Brittany Armellino. I was born in Orange, California and have lived there my entire life. At the age of four I began playing soccer, and I have absolutely loved playing it ever since. I attend Foothill High School where I play varsity soccer, am president of Make-A-Wish club, and this year, I will be on ASB (Associated Student Body). I love spending time with my family and friends, especially my sister, Jennifer. I will be a senior this year, and after graduation I hope to attend a four-year university outside of California, where I plan on studying broadcast journalism. I love watching major league baseball and am constantly watching my favorite team, The Anaheim Angels!

Hometown Newspaper:
The Orange County Register

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