Nothing in Life Comes Easy

July 11, 2007
Salina Villegas

With the high hopes of achieving an all-American lifestyle, Braulio Ramirez strives to achieve his childhood dream of graduating from Harvard University, residing in New York City like the rich and famous, and having a well-rounded family of his own.

Seventeen years ago, distinctively on August 21, 1990, couple Angel and Maria Eugenia Ramirez bared a son, Braulio, in the United States. Born and raised in La Jolla, California, Ramirez today generally lives in Tijuana, Mexico, only coming to his home town every once in a while for the summer.

Inspired by familial endeavors, Ramirez attempts to be as successfully happy in life as his kin. “They’ve come a long way…” said Ramirez, trying to put into plain words the struggles his family endured to be where they are presently.

Seeking shelter, Ramirez’s great-grandfather rummaged the streets of Mexico. Once the itinerant man found a considerable location, he exchanged a deal with the proprietor. Exchanging words, Ramirez’s great-grandfather compromised not to the ordinary ‘will work for food’, but instead, ‘will work for home’.

Employed as worker in the bakery shop, as well as a resident, Ramirez’s great-grandfather desired to rid his misfortune. He began by mastering the production of items sold, particularly pandulce, a chewy, lightly sweetened Mexican bread topped with a sweet, decorative topping. Having become proficient in the subject of baking, Ramirez’s great-grandfather opened his very own bakery shop, later becoming an ancestral family business.

Ramirez’s father, Angel, is now a civil engineer. Compared to working with the family bakery business, Ramirez’s father is pleased with the career path he has chosen. Nearly a year ago, Ramirez’s father established his very own constructing company by the name of Constructora AVRA, meaning AVRA Construction Company in english. Today, both of Ramirez’s parents work hard to keep the business stable and ongoing.

Ramirez generally believes he has a great relationship with his mother, Maria Eugenia Ramirez. “I find my comfort with her…” mentions Ramirez, “…whenever I feel down, she tells me ‘you’re never gonna find the road to happiness because happiness is the road’ ”.
Though Ramirez has a passion for writing, both he and his mother agree it will not fulfill the profitable career and lifestyle he desires. “She tells me, study something else, and keep that [writing] as a hobby…” explains Ramirez, “…and I completely agree with her”.

What Ramirez admires most about his parents is their determination. With a massive group of people supporting him in every step he takes, Ramirez is contently satisfied with his life. Ramirez overall believes he has been blessed with a pleasant life, but nothing will stop him from achieving prosperity.

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