A Home Away From Home In The Price Center

July 15, 2008
Chloe` Frazier

From Voigt Dr. to Meyer Dr. to the new expansion in the Price Center, the Cross-Cultural Center, has been through a lot to help bring diversity and cross cultural dialogue to the UCSD campus. Even though the move brought difficult changes to its members the idea of the center is the same. In 1995, the students wanted to bring more diversity it the campus, themselves and other students even if the center was in an old mailroom.


In the spring quarter, the Price Center welcomed its third CCC. While the former locations were in a more enclosed and comfortable, the newest and more centralized location in the Price Center requires some getting used to. Even though the center is in a more noticeable place, it is still semi-hidden in a corner on the second floor.

Step by step, the center makes changes. Such as a new traguility room, combinable rooms and more space to relax. The tranquility room becomes an escape from the world. “Hold up. Breathe,” said staffer Joseph Ramirez. Walking in the doors, the first thing that catches the eye is the wall behind the reception desk. Painted with warm, relaxing colors and peaceful quotes, the lobby of the cross helps new comers along with alumni feel at home.

It may not quite feel like home to some alumni, but the idea of diversity is still upheld. The centers mission to educate about diversity to the school and collaborating with other organizations will officially open in the upcoming semester on September 20, 2008. Breaking down the meaning of diversity and giving students a place of security remains the center’s objectives.

The CCC gives a place for students to be themselves, relax and breathe. Even with the changes, the center still welcomes alumni and new comers with warm smiles and gentle hellos.

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